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Dylan Thomas inspired Fishing boat bobbing sea necklace

Dylan Thomas inspired Fishing boat bobbing sea necklace

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Dylan Thomas Collection

This is my Llareggub necklace in solid silver . I have tried to capture the story of Dylan's Welsh coastal town,the sea salty dreams and tales of shipwrecked marriages and relationships. The romance of love lost and lusted after and of the memories of sailors lost to the swirling currents of the sea..The fishing boat moves along the swirling silver currents of the Welsh Coast.Trawling a love tipped anchor amidst the cockle bedded sea.I love reading and listening to Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Dylan’s interpretation of welsh life in a small coastal town he called Llareggub (bugger all backwards) was for me, the first taste of his creative genius. I have been inspired to create a piece based on Dylans work and the small chapeled fishing town of LLareggub with its houses as blind as moles, boys dreaming wicked, lips is a penny, hotwater bottle bodies, hear the dew falling and Cockled cobbles that run down through the seaweed smelling town to the fishing boat bobbing sea. Email for more info to have a similar design made . SOLD


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