Pa-pa's necklaces- there is usually a choice of 16 , 18 or 20 inches long on each product page for solid silver chains or necklace lengths. You can have a custom length if you prefer. Additional charges may apply for longer lengths not listed on the product page. 925 silver mark is usually on the clasp.

Pa-pa's handmade rings designs can be ordered to you size. Please select the finger size from the drop down menu on the product page or email the ring size after ordering. Sizes are alphabetical A-Z. The most common finger size for a lady is N and size T for a gentleman. 

If there is a ring at home which fits you can send us a photo of the inside (not outside) diameter in mm, thickness/width in mm and we have a good chance of being able to estimate the size.

 Ring size. Your ring size is required when placing your order you are welcome to call in and we will size your finger at the Pa-pa Gallery in Parkmill for you. Or alternatively the ring sizer below is available to purchase. 


The Multisizer is ideal for self finger sizing.
Each gauge is packaged individually in an instruction
The multisizer works like a belt, forming a ring and
then placing over the finger, adjust to give a
comfortable fit. Then simply read off the indicated
size. This multisizer is marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z
(Wheatsheaf A-Z full sizes)

Refunds are not given on commissioned pieces for example unique bespoke rings as these are made to measure with each ring being made individually to customers specific taste. We may resize however for a small fee.

Resizing-Usually the ring needs to be cut, a piece of gold or silver added in or taken out. The ring is then resoldered and repolished which can take a few hours so there is a sometimes a charge of £10- £60 depending on the design and metals used and if stones are already set. If stones are set this can be even more complicated as silver is a good conductor of heat so any flame applied for soldering means the stones are in danger of burning out..