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Cockle shell bracelet with beads

Cockle shell bracelet with beads

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Gower Cockle shell bracelet with turquoise or blue coloured beads is a Pa-pa favourite. For those of us who enjoy a stroll along the shoreline looking for empty seashells. The form of these natural silver shell beauties are gorgeous when worn upon the wrist.

Pa-pa's cockles are cast from real shells found washed up empty along our Gower shores here in Wales.  Bead colours may vary as each one is unique.

On the Burry Inlet on the edge of the Gower Peninsula, South Wales these tasty shellfish have been harvested since the roman times. The women of Penclawdd, the small village on the estuary, used to pick the cockle shells to earn extra cash while their husbands were working down the coal mines.

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