Paddle boarder at Three Cliffs Bay Gower.

Pa-pa has created a memory in solid silver of her experience at Three Cliffs Bay when she paddled down to the sea with her friends this summer on a full tide. The river was still, the air buzzed with damselflies and dragonflies and the water was emerald green. No wind made the whole experience magical as the water made beautiful reflections of the sky and overhanging trees. The river snakes through a quiet stretch of the valley where you paddle past the 13th Century castle of Pennard high upon the sand dunes on the left hand side. 

Small waves greeted us n the sandy bay of Three Cliffs us before we had to retreat and head back up the river to Parkmill before the tide started to flood out. Timing is critical as the paddle back against the river and dropping water level when the tide goes out is quite difficult.

A truly beautiful start to the day made even more special with this momento of the event in solid silver keeping the memory alive.

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