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Cockle shell flower necklace

Cockle shell flower necklace

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This is a Gower cockle shell flower necklace for warm Summer evenings spent by the beach. Real baby cockle shells found washed up empty at a local beach are cast and soldered in the silversmith ing workshop by the sea on Gower by Pa-pa to form this pretty five petal flower design. You will not see this registered design anywhere else. It is exclusive to Pa-pa.

Gower cockle shell necklace made by Gower silversmith Pa-pa in the workshop by the sea. Cockle shells  have been harvested for food on Gower for hundreds of years. The women were sent out to work on the North Gower marsh to pick the cockles with rakes and riddles to find the shells buried in the sand at the low tide mark, while the men were at work in the coal mines in South Wales. 

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