Evan Davies surfing Gower

Surfers, metalworkers, painters and engineers share their love of Gower

Husband and wife team at Pa-pa have been metalworking in some shape or form for over 25 years.We feel very fortunate to still be making and designing and sharing our passion for the sea with our customers. As all our work is based on the sea and surrounding landscapes we are able to combine our love for nature and watersports with our creativity. We spend a lot of time in the sea surfing, swimming, snorkelling  and walking the paths of the Gower.  As a family living and working on the Gower Peninsula, we are all involved in the design and making process in the workshop, the marketing of all of our unusual coast and sea inspired designs..

Gowers beautiful landscapes and wildlife are the biggest inspiration for our designs and the majority of our work is about the nurturing embrace of the sea and it’s healing affect on the body and mind.

pa-pa surfing gower

Phillippa surfing by by 'Seastates' Photography

Jonathan surfing gower

Jonathan surfing by 'Seastates' Photography

Evan surfing Gower

Evan surfing by 'Seastates' Photography

 We like to share the importance of looking after our natural environment and encourage the participation of others in local watersports and creativity for a healthy mind. Our customers share our love of gower and we hope that our work helps keeping those cherished memories alive of time spent here on the Gower Peninsula. 

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