Surfer and silversmiths at Pa-pa talk about their inspiration.

Surfer and silversmiths at Pa-pa talk about their inspiration.

Gower Silversmith and surfer Pa-pa talks about her love of the sea and beach lifestyle and how it influences her art and design. Pa-pa takes inspiration from the colours shapes and patterns of the sea along with studies of marine life and surrounding coastal landscapes.The artist uses recycled silver to make her unique designs in silver or gold using traditional techniques. When not making jewellery the husband and wife team are either surfing,  walking, swimming, painting in oils or making shell art. Husband Jonathan welds stunning beach landscape chairs from mild steel and reclaimed Gower oak.

Surfing is a sport that has been a focus for physical and mental health for the whole family for over 30 years. which the Pa-pa family of three still enjoy together almost every day. Son Evan in his 20's keeps mum and dad in their 50's motivated to stay fit and healthy to continue to enjoy and maintain the level of surfing fitness which they all enjoy.The Pa-pa day starts with a surf or swim at the local beach and then its a full day in the metal workshop. 

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