Gower silversmith jewellery showcase

Showcasing silver and gold designs handcrafted individually at a workshop next to the sea on Gower, South Wales by local silversmith Phillippa of Pa-pa Jewellery . Inspired by the long stretches of sandy beaches, dramatic clifftops and memorable landscapes of Wales. ' My unique jewellery designs in silver and gold are inspired by my study of marine life, the colours and shapes of the rocks; discarded shells and other life forms created by the ocean's movements have always been a great fascination for me. A lover of the sea, I spend much of my time surfing or diving the rocky outcrops of the Gower bays and walking the country paths of the Gower with my family. Labelled as an area of outstanding natural beauty, Gower has many stunning beaches and cliff top walks, castles and inspiring places of significant prehistoric interest. 'Phillippa designer maker at Pa-pa jewellery

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