Silver cob shipwreck coin Gower

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Pa-pa's replica Silver dollar treasure coin.

Stories passed down the generations talk of Gower treasure in the form of Peruvian silver dollar coins brought to Gower in the early 17th Century by a Dutch ship named the Amelia that was travelling from America to Amsterdam.   The wreck was looted and a few coins fell by the wayside in the sands of Rhossili beach.  Dated 1625 and 1639 coins were engraved with the arms of Castile and Leon on one side, and on the reverse side the mark of King Phillip of Spain, with the number VIII. History records that when Catherine Braganza married Charles II. of England., three vessels confining her dowry were sent to this country. Two of the vessels were wrecked, one of them off the Gower Coast. 

Are these stories true? I have known the Bays of Rhossili and Llangennith all my life and living locally it has enabled me to see the wooden remains of a few shipwrecks strewn along the long sandy stretch of this part of Gower's coast and this has driven my curiosity. I have been lucky enough to see evidence of a real Spanish silver coin that had been reclaimed from the sands in the area and inherited by a local family, stamped with the markings of the rumoured coins. 

These are Replica coins in solid silver and brass of those that may have been found on Gower.

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